23 September 2016

Tried & Tested False Eyelashes

Invogue false eyelashes on girl
(Invogue lashes) 

I must say I’m a sucker for eyelashes, not a huge fan of the giant ones that take over your whole eye but I’m always willing to try something new. Now I’m at university I’m going out more than ever and it’s safe to say sometimes when we meet strangers we like to meet them looking our best and a pair of false eyelashes can look pretty damn good. I’ve only ever stuck to my Eylure or Superdrug eyelashes, I love these the most they’re not heavy on the eyes and look natural but I recently tried some new brands and was surprised what I thought of them.
Eyecandy false eye lashes
Eyecandy have a large range of lashes and this rather dramatic pair (015) are double lash and long, they come with their own glue too which is iridescent and goes on the lashes with a blue tint so you know exactly where you are applying your lashes and dries clear which I loved! For £5.95 I’d hope they looked and felt great and I wasn’t too disappointed. These are quite heavy I won’t lie but when placed on the eyes right can be comfortable for how big they are, combined with the glue included I can assure you these will not budge it’s the best glue I’ve used to date!
Invogue eye lashes on girl
This next pair are eyelashes by Invogue (03) these a more natural lash which really opens the eyes, I found these extremely heavy considering they are thin but I don’t think the eyeshadow, eyeliner and glitter helped? For £3.49 these are cheaper than some lashes I have used in the past and I prefer the look these give. This again came with a glue but had a snap off lid so I couldn’t reuse it so I stuck to the glue from my Eyecandy lashes.
Peaches and Cream Eyelashes
The last pair are from Peaches & Cream a brand I have admired from afar with their simple pink packaging and pretty lashes. No 17 retail at £6.50 so a little more pricy than the other two considering these are shorter in length and come with no glue. Considering they can look very black and bulky in the packaging these give an almost natural look and sit well on the eye.

Overall I loved these lashes, I really would love to try more Invogue as they were my favourite overall! You can get all three brands from FalseEyelashes but they also stock Eylure, Ardell, Red Cherry and more! 

This post contains PR samples, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. I've tried once to apply fake lashes but failed miserably. I'd like to try those that have feathers or similar at the corner of the eyes. Any suggestions? x


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