02 September 2016

#RealTalk - When Did I Know I Was Gay?

Welcome to my new series! Real Talk will be whenever I like, every week, every two weeks every month, who knows! I'm going to touch on topics that I think is #RealTalk - how you want to perceive that is up to you but this is my first #RealTalk!

While I'm writing this post I'm listening to 'False Alarm' by Matoma and Becky Hill. Go pop that song on while you read this post because it's my new favourite and it will make you happy. Anyway, when did I know I was gay? I get asked this every time I meet someone new. 90% of the time when someone finds out I'm gay/lesbian I get a spiel of questions and this one always comes up! Mostly because I don't keep the fact I'm gay a secret and why should I? Anyway, let me tell you the story about when I found I was gay.....


When did you find out you were straight? You're probably now looking at your screen like "WHUT?" yes it's exactly the same, you know that day you found out you were straight (SPOILER: That day didn't happen) that's how I found out guys! YAY! Real talk for a second, it annoys me when people ask me this because what type of question is this?! It's like asking me "ohhh when did you find out you were a woman?" well guys my mum found out first, then my womb just like transformed me and so on and when I was born I knew!" See how stupid that answer sounds? That's how stupid your question is.

I think some people just can't get there head around the fact if someone is gay that's their life, like you're straight that other person is gay. We never had this amazing discovery moment like "Holy fuck, vagina is the way forward for me and that's all I ever want again, my life has changed" It doesn't happen like that! In some cases yes, some people have a moment in life where they kind of think "am I gay? I think I like women" but most people I know never actually had this eureka moment!

Some of you may disagree with this and be like "I found out when I was 16 years old and blah blah" Well I never and I'd love if people stopped asking me stupid questions! Noone asks a straight person these questions so why are you asking me? I'm not a different species, I just like the same sex okay?

Stop asking stupid questions guys! Thanks!

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  1. Exactly!Well worded girl!Its like when someone is trying to answer that question and they're finding it hard to answer (because like you said,they've always felt like that) some people mistake this for not fully knowing what one truly feels.As if you're just confused,it's so insulting.Perfect way to turn it on someone else and ask the same question,see how quick they answer it.X


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