09 September 2016

#RealTalk - Drinking Alone - A Drunk Post

strawberry cocktails

So I'm back from going the loo. I just got caught on the banester on my way down. CLASSY. I'm drunk. Okay I'm not but I'm tipsy enough to know scratching my face does't feel normal!

*Does anyone else montior how drunk they are by scracthing their face!? Just me? OK"

Anyway, I'm writing this drunk. I'm not going to edit this because #RealTalk and yeah. Is it sad I'm sat home alone drunk? I don't know./
I feel like sometimes if we need a drink JUST GO FOR IT. I mean i made a post on /10 reaons to drink. I can't make that post and then stay sober on a bank holiday weekend. OH It's 28/8/16 future liv

I have some VERY good dance music on the TV at the moment Im probbaly annoying my neighbourd A LOT! LOL!

Anyway, BACK to the post!! Is it cool to drink alone? HELL YES!
if your mates are being utter cock suckers and not wanting to go and drink with you then drink alone, if you're single but not ready to mingle (ME!) then drink alone. who needs dates? NOT ME! oh by the way welcome to real talk! I posted my first one last month about being gay so hollaaa on over at that post. I wrote that one sober. but now I'm not soooo sory!

If you want to drink alone, GO FIR IT! At the end of the day we all live once, make fun of it! If you wanna drink do it, wanna strip? go for it! Wanna have a kebab at 3am? go for it! wanna annoy your neighbours with loud music? GO FOR IT!!!! I LOVE drinking alone, messing friends (or writing blog posts like me LOL) can be fun and although the topic of a lot of snap chat stories and twitter tweets may be a bit raunchy so? Live on the edge, guys.

SERIOUSLY though. like drink. It's so much fun and so what if I'm alone? I'm single. my mum is at creamfields. no i know. she is so cool. i did leave the house today i'm not a crazy cat lady!! I'm loving life that's cool? I'm getting my liver prepped for september. HA! EXCUSES!

End of the day drinking alone is fineeeee, maybe just don't blog about it because it will turn out like this.


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