16 September 2016

Moving Out & Going to Uni!

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 On Sunday I move out, it's officially hit the count down when I'm writing this, it's Monday 12th September and I'm that excited I think I could pee. I've had a countdown on my phone for the past two months it's gone from 60+ days and I now have six left. While you're reading this I have two days left. CRAZY! I probably have everything ready to go, I'm an organised mess, organised because everything is in boxes and I'm ready to go, a mess because well I'm moving out! I'm off to university and as exciting as it all is it's also scary!

Why am I scared? Money, friends, failing, the list goes on but I know I will be fine! It's all part of growing up and it's something most if not us all of will do one day. We flock the nest, we grow up and that's just life, I know the next three years will be the most amazing, draining and exciting of my whole life and I'm ready! I met some AMAZING friends on Fastrack and I'm ready to meet even more, I already know of two of my housemates and they seem lovely, we have spoke and I think all three of us are ready to party! I have the tendency to over pack, regardless of if I have done this before I know I will overpack, of course I'm leaving my DVD Collection and memory box but I think everything else I own may be coming with me. I've read a million and one posts on how to pack for uni, the essentials (vodka) the not so essentials (everything else you own) and no list can help me, no list will prepare me for the next year. Will I get on with my housemates? Will I find moulding pans in the sink in April from December? (probably!!) It's all part of the experience though and I'm bloody excited!

On Fastrack I got drunk most nights, got shouted at by security for playing with sparklers, met an MTV Superstar (not really this is a weird story), got defensive to a barman, forgot my ID on a night out and made mates with my taxi driver which resulted in a free taxi ride! Had fires in the woods, saved a baby bird and SO much more. This was in six weeks so bring on the next three years!

6 Days to go and I'm mostly packed and ready to go! OH MY GOD!!


  1. I started uni four years ago this year and your post has given me much nostalgia of when i was going as i felt exactly the same! I'm so excited for you though and can't wait to read more of your uni antics! 😊

    Izzy xx


  2. Ahh good luck. Freshers is the best. You'll have so much fun. Enjoy every moment! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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