21 September 2016

I Finally Have Blue Eyes!

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I think I have possibly the worst vision known to man, with my current prescription at -3.75 in one eye and -4.00 in the other (and soon to be going even lower!) it’s safe to say without my glasses or contacts I’m practically blind. If anyone knows me well they will know I can’t go without my contacts, I feel quite self conscious in my glasses and they just get in the way a lot so contacts are my go to, I’ve always wanted coloured contacts specifically blue but they have always been super expensive or I can’t get them in my prescription so when I got the chance to try some coloured contacts from contactlenses I was thrilled! 
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I chose ‘Brilliant Blue’ and I couldn’t be happier with the colour. Contactlenses use 3 in 1 colour blends to create the colours in their lenses. Every colour is blended with Hazel around the pupil and charcoal on the outer colour and it makes my eyes look a very bright and natural blue! On arrival the packaging was in perfect condition, each contact came in a very sturdy hard casing and they also came with solution. I had a slight reaction to the solution given to me but I will say this has even happened in the opticians in the past, I can’t use a different solution to the one I already use as my eyes feel like they’re being stabbed, it’s not fun!  I have found the numerous times I have used these for a good twenty minutes I can see blue slightly which is a weird sensation, but once my eyes adjust the colour is fine. Comfort wise I can’t say they are instantly a comfortable fit, I pay a bit extra every month for contacts that help decrease dryness in my eyes and also fit better so I think this is probably the major problem here but after around half an hour the comfort is perfectly fine and I can’t complain. They’re not quite the contact I wear every day as like I said I do pay extra but I will 100% wear these for special occasions or days out!
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This specific pair I can wear for up to a month or 30 times (when properly washed) so I will get plenty of wear in my first month of university with these! They retail at £17 for both eyes which is amazing considering wear time and the fact you can have such a high/low prescription! I love these contacts and I’d love to try more colours from the range!

This post contains PR samples, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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