27 September 2016

Do Vitamins ACTUALLY Work?

Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman

Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman

I’ve said for years I would take vitamins (yes years) and get a little healthier by just drinking more water, less takeaway etc but never really got around to the vitamin part. I know how beneficial they can be but sometimes the price tag can put me off I honestly think “that much for tablets?! NO!” but I have recently changed my mind. Seven Seas have created Perfect 7 Woman which should help skin, hair, nails, energy, brain, vision, heart and hormonal activity. The list is huge I know, I didn’t even expect to feel or see a difference in myself from a few tablets.

Over the last month I put the vitamins to the test, with Natural Source Marine oil which has Omega 3 and essential multivitamins and minerals in each tablet I was expecting to see a difference. You take two tablets a day which are pretty big I won’t lie, one tablet for the brain function and one for the heart. I started to see a huge difference in my energy, I have a lot more energy and can get more done in my days, I find waking up to not be as tedious and draining and can easily be awake later in the night (which isn’t always a good thing!) My skin, hair and nails I didn’t see a huge difference in I suffer with spots anyway and my hair is ruined from years of dying it but my nails are stronger than ever! I think to break one of them would take a lot now, they were strong before I took these vitamins but after a month they’re pretty indestructible.
Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman
My vision has actually gotten worse over the last two months, my prescription is going even worse so can’t say it helped a lot with this but as for my hormonal activity that’s a different story. If you’re a man I'd suggest you click off this page now before it get’s too TMI for you. I hadn’t been on my period in over seven months, with the contraceptive injection my body went haywire and I was waiting for my body to naturally come back on but it never. I did start getting worried but after around two weeks of taking these tablets my period started and regulated again. I was in shock!! I found that I got typical period symptoms though like crying and eating chocolate which I’ve never had before due to being on the pill so I honestly can’t believe how much these vitamins have helped my hormone activity!

I didn’t expect to feel or see much of a difference but I was surprised and I can now honestly say taking Vitamins is worth the money, I definitely don’t get all the vitamins I should in my food I eat so this is the best alternative. The Perfect7 Woman is available in Superdrug for £9.99 but I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this, I WOULD recommend them! 

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