15 September 2016

Did I Really Need A Freedom Makeup Mag Palette?

Freedom Makeup London PRO HD Mag Palette
Freedom Makeup London PRO HD Mag Palette Makeup Geek EyeShadows
Up until about two weeks ago I'd never heard of TamBeauty, they had never shown up on my Twitter feed and was absolutely made up when I found out who they were and what they sold. TamBeauty sell brands like Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup, when I saw Freedom Makeup had released a new mag palette I couldn't resists. I have collected a couple of Makeup Geek shadows this year from attending various events so needed something to store them in. With single eye shadows coming in only a small cardboard boxing I sometimes got the shadows caught on the boxes taking them in and out or I'd drop the shadows and do some form of damage. Before I could obliterate all my shadows I needed to get something to hold them in and this Freedom Mag Palette for £5 was perfect!

The palette is a really good size and should fit 18 Freedom Shadows or 8 contour, highlight or blush shades. I think this could be same with Makeup Geek eyeshadows to be honest I have 10 shadows so far half of which are Makeup Geek and I can still see plenty of space left for more. It also came with a huge mirror inside which is perfect, this palette is now used daily purely for the mirror. I was worried for £5 it would be crap quality, small and a complete fail but I was proven wrong! The palette has a strong magnet to it so my shadows don't budge at all even when thrown around inside my makeup bag. The case itself is also sturdy and although big is perfect for a holiday, no more taking a million palettes with me!
Freedom Makeup London PRO HD Mag Palette 
Seen as this was only £5 I got two of them and boy am I glad, I have a sneaky feeling more shadows will be added to my collection because I am slightly obsessed. I did get around five or six new shadows from Freedom Makeup with this order and so far I love them! They're super pigmented and blendable but I will be doing a full review on what shadows I bought in the coming weeks! I'd definitely recommend this palette if you're in need of a mag palette, it's affordable and perfect for holding all your singles! 

If you're interested you can buy this here! 


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