29 September 2016

Cleaning Your Eyeshadow Brush Dry

Shadow Swatch Sponge
Shadow Swatch Sponge
I don’t know about you but I’ve recently started being more adventurous with my eye colours, what I use and how dramatic my eyeshadow can be. As fun as this is it can be a bit of a nightmare using the same couple of brushes to apply so many colours day in day out and I just don’t have time to wash my brush collection every day. It’s such a long chore I actually hate it even with Youtube videos playing in the bathroom I just get bored so when I found out about Shadow Switch I was literally so happy!

Shadow Switch is a dry brush makeup cleaner, in between swapping shades swipe your brush over this sponge and your brush is instantly free of any colour. As the switch is a black sponge you can wash this to keep it clean regularly but it is recommended you switch up your sponge every two months. I used this when I done a bright glitter look recently, I had around three shades in the eye (except the glitter!) which included a light brown, dark brown and a red so swapping between these shades was crucial. I didn’t want to mix the dark brown too much with the red or it wouldn’t give the look I wanted and the Shadow Switch was perfect as I don’t have a lot of eyeshadow brushes and I find I can go through them quickly when I use different colours!
Eye Makeup on girl

This only retails at £5.99 which I think is really reasonable although I have questioned if a normal day to day sponge would do the same thing I can see that this sponge won’t damage my brushes as it’s super soft and the bristles of my brush can’t get caught in the sponge where as a normal sponge can get the bristles of my brush stuck in hard coating and can rip strands of hair out the brush. I’ve used my RT, Spectrum and Body Shop brushes with this and all of them worked fine and I never seen any traces of the brush left on the sponge! It may seem like a weird product at first but I can see huge potential in this and it’s a quick way to swap between colours with no hassle without damaging your brushes!

This post contains PR samples, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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