08 September 2016

Chocolate Flavoured Coffee?

beanies coffee

Beanies coffee chocolate orange
I love coffee, I don't think this is a secret for anyone who knows me well. Vanilla Latte's have to be my favourite drink of all time (especially Cafe Nero ones!) so when these Beanies Coffee arrived on my doorstep I was over the moon! I got an array of flavours; Mint Chocolate, Very Vanilla, Double Chocolate and Chocolate Orange. They all sound delicious and I threw the kettle on straight away to try my first flavour! I will say now these coffees are to be drunk on a rare occasion, I just can't drink these of a morning when I first wake up because the taste of them is so sweet, strong and different! I'll start with my most favourite the Mint Chocolate. This is the least strong out of them all and it goes down a little easier than the others. With a hint of mint but not too much it's a nice coffee for the evenings. My least favourite was actually the Very Vanilla, I love Vanilla Latte's so much I had high hopes for this but it left me disappointed. The vanilla is far too strong for me and I feel like I'm drinking vanilla syrup with the flavour! 
Beanies coffee mint vanilla
I’ve never had flavoured coffees like these before so I didn’t quite know what to expect, would they be full of flavour, too much flavour, too little flavour? I didn’t have a clue! The smell from each pot is that strong the mix of scents in our kitchen cupboard is actually disgustingly overwhelming. Individually they smell delicious though! I do like these coffees but I just can’t get up of a morning and drink these to wake myself up, they are far too strong and I’d rather have regular coffee. They are most definitely a small treat, you can’t have a biscuit or a bar of chocolate because with them the mix of flavours I think would blow my head off!

Each pot costs £2.50 and Beanies have so many more flavours I would love to try like; Gingerbread, Hazelnut and Amaretto. They also have coffee to brew in a Caf├ętiere if you have one! Although I haven’t found my perfect tasting coffee yet, they are yummy and I do like them I now just want to taste more flavours Beanies have to offer!

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  1. I'm in love! I'm a fan of strong, flavoured coffee and these sound just like my sort of thing. I enjoyed reading your post and may head over to their website to check out what ones they do :)
    Sharon x


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