28 September 2016

A New Makeup Sponge I Love

L.A.B 2 Take Cover makeup sponge
L.A.B 2 Take Cover makeup sponge
A brand I have seen around a lot are L.A.B 2, available in superdrug I have always loved their sleep packaging but never got round to purchasing anything. I was in ASDA with my mum recently shopping for some new bits for university when I saw this makeup sponge, my current makeup sponges are dying a cruel long death and I was long overdue a new one so for £4.99 I couldn’t resist! This is the Take Cover Sponge and it’s got a strong point to one end and a very flat bottom so perfect for concealing the eyes and applying foundation.  Like all my sponges I don’t wet any of them, I don’t like the look it gives to my foundation at all so prefer them dry and this is perfectly fine dry.
L.A.B 2 Take Cover makeup sponge
I have found this absorbs very little makeup, sponges I have used in the past tend to absorb a lot of my foundation which I find a huge waste so for foundation this is perfect. It gives a very natural and flawless look to the skin without streaking and making it look clumpy in places. I can find because of the sharp edges it can leave lines where you dab the sponge but with a few more strokes of the sponge the lines smooth out an leave it looking flawless! This definitely could go up against my RT sponge, both are amazing quality for the price. L.A.B 2 has more defined edges and is more of a hard sponge compared to the RT one but I prefer this as like I said it doesn’t absorb as much makeup as my RT sponge.

I’m pleasantly surprised with my first purchase from L.A.B 2 and I definitely want to try their makeup brushes, pretty packaging can always win me over! Plus they are so price competitive with other brands so I’d be interested to see the quality difference! If you are interested you can find the sponge here! 

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