19 August 2016

The Ugly Side Of Blogging

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While I'm not bashing blogging or particular bloggers, I do want to point out this post covers my opinions on the ugly side of blogging and what I have seen on social media and blogs. I thought I would just say how I felt because that's what blogs are for right? Voicing our own opinions on blogs WE own. (literally own, I bought MY domain)

A lot has happened on Twitter recently specifically with Vix and her post Bloggers - Online vs Real Life. Now I'm not being funny when I say this but I don't think she is wrong at all with her post. It's her blog, she owns that website and while she posts funny dating posts occasionally this one post was more on the serious side. Why can she do this? Because it's her blog and she can write what she damn well pleases! Her opinions might not matter to some of you but to some they will, her experience can help other people and shed light on a problem I think a lot of people were too scared to talk about.

Vix brought that up, while I bring up how everyone is all on this positivity train. I love this train, I don't want it to crash nor do I want the passengers to die from food poisoning from the food cart in coach E but I will say, sometimes I need to jump off the train and feel shit. We have our bad days, we have lives that are not in any way like a film. So stop complaining when you see a negative tweet, photo or blog post because sorry to hit you with reality but this is life. There is a lot more to this world than a new mascara we are all loving. If you don't want to see these tweets, photos or posts unfollow the person, it's SIMPLE!

Another thing, "perfect bloggers" nah. Sorry just no. Since when did blogging become so glossy and perfect? Yes I like a blog that looks tidy and well presented but mate, if you don't have a marble background with pretty flowers as props SO WHAT? Our blogs are what we make them, each one of us are individual people with our own websites where we can create content, if your photos don't look like a million I see on Bloglovin every day it's actually refreshing. You do you, if that style is different to the B&W theme, marble backgrounds and cliche props truth is you will probably stand out from the crowd!

Last thing because I feel like I'm ranting on is numbers. Followers, page views, subscribers, it's none stop! I actually seen a blogger the other day updating how many views her blog had every hour on Twitter. Girl, send that to the PR team not twitter. Blogging should not revolve around numbers, while we all have goals and it's nice to hit that 1k or 20k keep in mind we are all sat at home day in day out doing the same thing.....writing blog posts. If someone has 20 followers and you have 20k why are you ignoring them? Because they can't connect you with a top PR team to get you free shit? PIPE DOWN! Remember why you started blogging and the numbers should not matter! Unless you started just to get free shit, then you just need to leave.

I feel I have waffled on to be honest but things I have seen over the last few weeks are bugging me so much. I like to think if I went huge over night, I'm talking 20k followers on my blog and social media that I would still be me. I would still chat on Twitter and I certainly wouldn't ignore people because they have less followers (this has happened to me and BYE GIRL!) you do you and don't get caught up in all the drama llama, numbers and positivity trains. We all have shit days and we all like to hit goals but enjoy blogging for what it is, FUN!

*EDIT,* This post should have finished here because I wrote it mid last week but my god I could go on and on after the Bloggers Blog Awards shortlist was announced tonight. (Wednesday 17th) GOD FORBID you have an opinion guys because you will only get a thread of people saying why you're wrong, why you shouldn't say what you said etc etc. It's all very negative (sorry I'm preaching the positive train here a little) but I've unfollowed 3 bloggers this week due to rude and nasty tweets. I'm sorry but no. Let people have their opinions, if you don't agree don't be rude, maybe scroll along and not even respond? It's not hard. For god sake people.


  1. Yes! This! I've only recently started blogging again and after the Bloggers Blog Awards announcement I was thinking "there is SO MUCH nastiness!" For a while I questioned whether I wanted to engage with the community but then I realised I'm blogging for me (and hopefully some people care along the way!) of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't mean they're entitled to ram it down other people's throats and say they're wrong if they disagree. Thanks for posting this. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

  2. It's the same with everything, when I got 'popular' on Flickr through my photography I would be replying to people and chatting to them, helping them out etc and I would ALWAYS get 'I can't believe you're so real' 'I thought you would ignore me'. I even ended up going to uni with one of the girls I spoke to and when she met me she was saying how she was gobsmacked at how nice and real I was. I was like ???? What?? How can people not be real?
    I'm not big in 'the blogging sphere' or whatever, but I definitely see it. Like, come on, be real, be you, be kind.
    I don't know. Your post rings true for a lot of reasons and can be linked to a lot of different things.
    ( and I LOVE how honest it is)
    Xx Beth - www.bethparnaby.com


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