04 August 2016

The Typical Green Sleepover Face Mask

DHC Mineral Mask
Have you ever found a face mask that does barely anything to your skin yet you love it? I sound so strange right now but this face mask is exactly that! The DHC Mineral Mask is a typical sleepover green face mask, it has barely any smell but sits on the skin like a dream when I'm in the bath. I apply this to dry skin using a generous amount all over my face and leave it for around 20 minutes, although DHC say to leave for 5-10 minutes but I'm a rebel (this is a joke, I usually forget I even have a face mask on!) The mask contains; antioxidant-rich soy, Chlorella, Aloe and Mulberry which combined helps the skin promote natural cell turnover which in theory should make your skin softer! 

DHC Mineral Mask

I’m not saying this mask doesn’t do this, it does, it makes my skin feel soft but that’s all. I think if you were to look for a rich face mask that can help your skin in many ways this wouldn’t be the mask for that. I use this when I want more of a relaxing, laid back sort of bath instead of an intense treatment. I use this 2-3 times a week and even with that generous amount I still don’t see a huge difference but it’s actually nice having a mask like this. Sometimes I don’t always want to use a mask that will do a lot to my skin, on a day where I have worn no makeup, maybe sat in the house all day and blogged this is the mask I go to pick up. After the 20 minute mark this does harden on the skin which I like, I always feel like it really sinks into my skin and when I get out the bath there is no denying I have super soft skin! DHC retail this at $39 (google roughly worked this out at £29) and honestly I wouldn’t pay that for this mask, as much as I love it I don’t feel it does enough to my skin to cost that much. If you are looking for a laid back, typical green face mask this is a great mask but unfortunately for me the price just throws me a little.


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