16 August 2016

T-Zone Heaven

Newtons Labs Exfoliating Daily Wash
Newtons Labs Clear Pore Facial Wash

I have suffered with acne from a young age, it was as if when I went to high school my skin knew and decided to hit me hard with lots of spots. Thanks skin! I tried so many products over the years, I eventually went on the contraceptive pill (my experience you can read here) this was the only thing that helped my acne on my face, back, chest and shoulders but since coming off the pill I have been hit BAD with acne on my back, shoulders and chest. Luckily my face hasn't suffered as much but over my time at university stress didn't help my skin and I broke out mostly around my chin, mouth and forehead. Where I got my spots usually point to hormonal, heart, stomach, or gallbladder problems. 

Newtons Labs Spot Zapping Gel

The last two months have been hard, I have been stressed and went through a lot in university and in my personal life so my skin was bad as my hormones were up the wall! Newton’s Labs were very kind and decided to send me a couple of products from their T-Zone Skincare range. I was over the moon to find their; exfoliating Daily Face Wash, Clear Pore Facial Wash, Spot Zapping Gel and Charcoal Nose Pore Strips. I use the Clear Pole Facial Wash every morning which helps really wake me up, it gives me such a fresh and clean feeling which is lovely to wake up to! The Exfoliating Daily Wash I use every evening in the bath/shower to give a more intense clean to my skin. Every evening I use the Spot Zapping Gel on the prominent spots on my face or jaw line, by the morning I can really see a decrease in redness and size of the spot. Overall the three products combined really help my spots, although I do find the Exfoliating Daily Wash did make my skin very red to begin with which worried me but over the period of two weeks my skin started to love it! 

Newtons Labs Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

The Charcoal Nose Strips are the craziest things I've ever used! When I use one of these my nose is black head free, it leaves such a strong scent of charcoal on my nose but I love it! These clean my pores so well they look really big after using them, luckily I have pore minimising primers to help with this! Overall the whole range is firmly in my daily routine, they don't quite clear my spots up over night but they do an excellent job of reducing them quicker than other products I've tried in the past! They also smell amazing with the strong tea tree scent, I do find they can dry my skin out slightly but with a top up of moisturizer morning and night I’m good to go!


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