31 August 2016

NANO Teeth Whitening W/ Before & After Photos

For years I've been trying to whiten my teeth without paying extortionate prices for somewhere professional. I've tried a couple of teeth whitening methods in the past and even posted them on the blog but never took before and after photos and while I see slight differences none have ever made me want to re purchase. Whitewash Laboratories have their nano range, their Whitening Kit included a toothbrush, Whitening toothpaste and Mouthwash and their Anti-Stain floss. As a small extra they also included their Nano Floss with Micro-Riser Technology. I was really intrigued by these products because I've never seen or had a range with both a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. With the mouthwash you should swill your mouth for one minute before you brush your teeth with the toothpaste (but I have once remembered to do it this way, no! I always do it after I brush!) The toothpaste has "A combination of special micro-polishers remove surface stains whilst the Enamel Repair Technology helps to repair teeth, reduce sensitivity and create a radiant sheen on teeth" while the mouthwash uses Enamel Repair Technology to help whiten teeth and micro polishers to help remove stains!  
The Anti-Stain floss whiteness between your teeth, another product I haven't saw before. I have seen floss to help rid of food or bacteria from in between your teeth but not to help whiten! The Micro-Riser Floss £4.95 is just something else when it comes to flossing, this floss is made of microfibre thread which expands when you use it. I did find this was a bit too wide for my teeth, I have quite tight teeth so it would get stuck and it did actually worry me and hurt my teeth using this in between certain teeth. I tend to use the Anti Stain Floss for the teeth which are a bit more tight together. After three weeks of using this set I seen a huge difference in my teeth (photo below) and I felt more confident in my smile as cheesy as that sounds! I knew my teeth had an awful yellow stained look to them before using this and after two weeks that stain had really lifted. 
It may not look like a huge difference, to me this is! I can see a real lift in stains on my teeth and they have much more of a polished look to them! I'm thrilled with the results of this set and thank you to Whitewash Laboratories for sending such an amazing kit! 

This post contains PR samples, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. Nice to see some real before and after with whitening products!


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