18 August 2016

My Experience W/ DECIEM

DECIEM Hylamide HA Blur Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex
DECIEM Hylamide HA Blur Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex
DECIEM Hand Chemistry
When Laura from DECIEM invited me to meet her in Liverpool last month I jumped at the chance, DECIEM are a brand I'd never heard of but they sounded amazing when looking on their website so of course I said yes! We arranged a time and date and were ready to go but long story short life did that thing it does, you know when things go tits up and I needed a few days away from everything so we had to cancel. Laura was the nicest and completely understood and send me a care package to try and make things a little better. I was thrilled when this popped through my door, I wasn't expecting such lovely products! 

Laura kindly sent me their Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex (something I was in desperate need of!) and the Hylamide HA Blur. The Hand Chemistry retails at £8 (30ml), £19 (100ml) and £35 (240ml) but the amount you get in each is very generous. My 100ml bottle is more than enough for your handbag! The Intense Youth Complex should target 8 signs of ageing, now I'm only 21 but my hands get VERY dry and I hate it, I also find the skin around my nails can peel easily so after using this for two weeks I've seen a difference. I apply this morning and night as instructed 
and the difference in my dry skin is huge, although I haven't seen a huge decrease in the smoothness of the lines on my palms my hands feel constantly hydrated and the top of my hands look brighter and smoother. Most hand creams I have tried in the past don't do much for my hands so I was pleasantly surprised when the dry skin on my palms disappeared! 

DECIEM Hylamide HA Blur

The Hylamide HA Blur was really interesting, Hylamide have used Hyaluronic Acid powder base for it's blurring approach. While HA isn't usually used for this purpose this makes HA Blur unique and one of my favourite primers! The minute I apply this the consistency is thick against my skin, it blends well and instantly gives a smooth surface to apply my foundation. It hides my pores better than any other makeup product I've tried which is quite a problem for me as I find the pores around my nose and cheeks huge! The purpose of blur products is to scatter light across your face in difference directions to hide pores, lines and create a retouched finish. I find I have to let this sink into my skin for just a couple of minutes before applying my foundation but once applied my foundation looks more smooth especially around my T-Zone. Throughout the day I also find my makeup doesn't move, I may have to top up my powder as I always do but my foundation stays put and I see very little separation or cracks around my nose. You can also use this above foundation or mixed with a liquid foundation so you have plenty of options. 

For my first experience of DECIEM I can't praise them enough, Laura was so kind to send me these to cheer me up and the brand as a whole with these products have really impressed me! I already want to try more from DECIEM! You can find the Hand Chemistry here - HA Blur here!

Products in this post were PR samples, all thoughts and opinions are my own! 


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  1. Wow! The blurring cream sounds amazing as a primer. I've never heard of this brand before but I'll have to check them out! My skin is in much need of some love and tender care xxx



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