23 August 2016

My Experience of Fastrack at Edge Hill University!

This post is SO late and I've been wanting to write it for a while but not until I found out I had passed the course. So here it is, just a little late! To do an access course it will take a big chunk out of your life. One year to be precise. So what do I do? I do the Edge Hill Fastrack course (YES it's spelled fastrack) which is a year in six weeks.

For anyone looking at this course (I'm not aware of anywhere else that does a course like this) seriously sit down and look at your options because this is the stressful way to get into university. I will give you a rundown of how it all happened and what it consisted of, let's face it I think I want to relive it all!

I applied online via the Edge Hill website, I had to complete an application form, get a good reference (shout out to Rachel for helping with this! LOVELY teacher!) and write my personal statement. This took around a month until I found out I had an interview! The interview came around quickly where I had to take two tests; science and english. They were pretty basic but I did get a lot wrong, don't worry this is just seeing what you need to improve on and they can get an idea of what you do and don't know! Then I went in for my interview, there were around 6 of us in one room all with one interviewer each. I had a lovely man who I had a good old chat with, we talked all about my blog and how I love to dress up. Yes my readers, this was my university interview! LOL! (Little insight now the guy who I spoke to before my interview who helped with tests I wanted as my tutor ON the course, I got him! YAY!)

After the interview I found out within a week I got a place on the course, I applied for on campus accommodation and off I went in June! We all moved in on a Sunday, this was a bit of a disaster because of a crash outside campus I had half an hour to move in and do a campus tour of a campus I knew like the back of my hand. Day to day lessons lasted 4 hours, two in the morning and afternoon. The first three weeks consisted of ICT (most pointless lessons EVER), my chosen subject which was English or DASS ( Developing Academic Study Skills) ICT was legitimately the most pointless lesson, it was basic stuff I knew and I'm pretty sure an 8 year old would know how to do all of this. I personally think Edge Hill need to get a grip with these and make them optional, I would spend about 20 minutes in a lesson (out of 2 hours) and leave because I was done! After 3 weeks they stop though! English was worrying, with essays coming out of my ears this would challenge me. I learned A LOT from these lessons, my tutor was patient and I couldn't thank him enough. We covered short stories, poems and theatre and your main presentation on the course which is a huge chunk of your grade to get in in September is in your English class. I learned my grammar in this lesson, apostrophes, old english it was really useful!

Last is DASS, this was my favourite. I think because I had the most amazing tutor. I won't name him for obvious reasons but I think because he reminded me of my grandan I bloody loved him! He was so happy and I've never came across a tutor willing to help students so much. In DASS you cover basics to help you in uni like; referencing, time management, how to write essays and to be honest as simple as these might sound what they taught me in six weeks was getting me a solid 2:2 so I can only imagine how I will do in year one when I practice these skills more!

The course is IN-TENSE. Holy crap balls, unless you have determination don't do this course. I had about 3-4 essays in one week and some you had to reference, it's all a bit daunting and scary. Living on campus 100000% made this experience worth while though, I have made life long friends who I now speak to every day (who is going to be in uni with me too!!) I had everything in one place and had a ball. I'm not exaggerating when I say most nights were spent drinking and having fun, the amount of morning lessons spent with a bottle of water and door close by was real! I can't quite tell you just how intense this course is, I think you have to experience it but I cried A LOT and with a relationship going down the bin while there it was even harder but it was all worth while because I bloody well passed and I'm off to uni!

If anyone is interested in this course or a course similar email me if you have ANY questions or comment on this post! It is the best decision I ever made and while it was stressful and Edge Hill may have to stop doing this course (I hope they don't) it was the only way for me to get into uni and had a ball while doing it!

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