17 August 2016

My Brow Holy Grail

Benefit GimmeBrow Wand
Benefit GimmeBrow

My eyebrows are either my enemy or my best friend, some days I feel like a brow queen while some days I feel like bigfoot! Finding brow products I like can be a challenge, sometimes they're too dark but over time I've learned usually the blonde/lighter shades fit my brow colour perfectly which is strange considering I am brunette! When I saw Glamour had a free sample of Benefit's GimmeBrow I couldn't not pick it up for £2! GimmeBrow is part of Benefit's new brow range and comes in three shades; 1 (Light), 3 (Medium) and 5 (Deep). With a small wand applicator, gently stroke this through your brow, I start from the middle and work my way out, I tend to not dip back into the tube for more product to do the inner part of my brow, this gives it more of a ombre effect (I'm yet to still master the full ombre effect I'm seeing everywhere!) 

Benefit GimmeBrow

When I first used this I applied it on top of my Eylure Brow Pomade, this made my brows look fuller, thicker and in place the whole day. When I use it alone I can find it doesn't give the thicker look I like so I now use it constantly on top of the brow pomade (which you can find here) With the Gimmebrow being waterproof it's perfect on top of the pomade as it really sets it in place all day, specifically if you're out drinking on a hot day! The pointed tip is supposed to help shape hairs into place, I can't say I use the tip as it's the part of the wand that collects the most product and I do find it can make my brows look too dark and applies too much product in one place which I can find hard to blend out. The thicker part of the wand is my baby, use it very lightly and you're guaranteed lovely brows! The full size GimmeBrow retails at £18.50 which can sound like a lot of you’re on a budget and if you’re like me and use this on top of another product it might seem like a bit of a waste but I couldn’t not use this. While the pomade gives my brows shape the GimmeBrow gives my brows a fuller and thicker look while holding them in place all day. The two products combined are my holy grail and I couldn’t go without them now!  

You can find GimmeBrow here!



  1. I am still amazed by the amount of attention people pay to brows these days. I think I terribly neglect mine. But this sounds like it's easy to use, and I'm a big Benefit fan so I might give it a go!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about brow days Olivia !! One day one eye brow is great another day both are great and some days they look shit haha! I love the gimme brow product it's a life saver!



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