02 August 2016

I Sent My Hair To Rehab

Richard Ward Keratin Rehab

My hair has been dyed, cut, butchered and killed over the years. I've tried to go blonde, purple you name it I probably tried it but my hair isn't too great at picking up all these colours and has left me with dead ends and frizzy hair! I've tried hair masks over this last year that have helped me hair a lot, I love a long soak in the bath anyway so to really take the time to pamper myself is a must, especially after a long week or day in work. I recently received this Richard Ward Keratin Rehab treatment in the Beauty Blogger Box and thought it looked lovely just from the packaging. The only thing that was a bit of a let down was the size of this, my hair is thick, I'm not exaggerating when I say this, it can take me up to two hours to dry and straighten my hair sometimes so I did wonder how long this small 150ml pot would last me.

This small pot has vitamin and silk protein to re-hydrate your hair, this is perfect if you suffer with frizzy hair as I found the silk protein really helped keep the frizz at bay. It is recommended to use this after shampooing for five minutes but for someone with thick hair I leave mine for 25-30 minutes so it can really soak into every hair, for someone with thinner hair you can do 30 minutes as a more intense treatment! This small pot only got me four masks for my hair which was a downfall, I love the smell as it smells so clean and fresh (think that lovely hairdressing smell!) and it works wonders at making my hair feel soft. I can always see a difference in my hair when I use this, it is less frizzy and looks healthy, it helps reduce the look of my split ends (yes I am in desperate need of a hair cut!!) and helps keep my hair in place throughout the day. I guess for £5.99 the price isn't bad but I would like a bigger pot to last longer as I would have to repurchase this every month were as others in the past have lasted me two months. There is no denying this mask does wonders for my hair and I would love to try more from Richard Ward! 

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