12 August 2016

I PASSED! I'm Off To Uni!

I DID IT! I FUCKING DID IT GUYS! If you have followed my blog over the recent months you will have seen I did a fastrack course at Edge Hill University, the course was six very long yet very quick fun weeks. Basically an access course so a year's worth of work in six weeks. This course was completely free but I did pay for accommodation on campus (which if you ever consider this course LIVE ON CAMPUS! Oh my god. I had SO much fun!) 

Aside from my fastrack course I had to pass my Math GCSE and my QTS Literacy/Numeracy tests which are tests everyone needs to take and pass in order to become a fully qualified teacher. This was fucking hard. All three exams I passed second time around, all three I only had three attempts so I was terrified. After 8 months, doing all of these exams and fastrack I found out today it's official, I PASSED! I'M OFF TO UNIVERSITY IN SEPTEMBER! Am I excited for freshers week? Let's just say I am scared for my liver already. I am SO goddamn proud of myself for doing all of this, for anyone who knows me well they will know math is a huge weakness of mine, so to pass everything I did this year was an achievement in itself! 

I'm now off to Edge Hill in september with some amazing friends I met from fastrack ready to get so drunk I barely make the next night out, work hard and play harder! Make the absolute most of my whole experience, meet new people, join a society and over all smash life and get my qualified teacher status. For now, bring on the next three years! I DID IT! I ACTUALLY DID IT!

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  1. Oh my goodness, well done!! That's amazing, so pleased for you! Hard work always pay off! You're going to LOVE it, make the most of freshers week!! It's the best fun ever but you won't remember much! Congratulations again!!



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