20 August 2016

I Got Shortlist For Best Lifestyle Blog!

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Yes you read that title right. OliviaCheryl has actually been shortlisted for a friggen award! WTF!? What is quite apt about this is the fact I've had lifestyle posts lined up for the last month to go out now and the next few weeks (I had a few PR sample posts to get out first!) so the timing was brilliant!

Anyway, Hayley over at TeaPartyBeauty hosts the awards every year and her lovely volunteers helped judge the awards (you will all know this but oh well) and on Wednesday 17th I found I had been shortlisted! I nearly cried, I didn't expect it in 1 million years, people actually read OliviaCheryl!? Either way thank you SO much to anyone who voted for me. Now is the most important part, voting for the winner! I am against some amazing ladies in my category (Scary!!) but if you would love to vote for me you can do HERE!

I can't believe this blog has been shortlist because sometimes I get so down about my blog, I get caught up in numbers and how well other people are doing and I see my blog going nowhere but this has put A LOT of confidence in me, a blog I have been working hard at for two years now has a nomination for an award?! That's amazing! Thank you! If you do vote for me, let me know so I can send you ALLLLL the love!!


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