03 August 2016

An Oil That Doesn't Break Out My Skin?

Eden's Semilla Jojoba Oil
I find it difficult to find an oil that doesn’t break out my skin, they usually feel greasy and don’t help my skin in anyway. I recently got the chance to try a new oil from Eden’s Semilla, the Jojoba Oil can be used on your skin, hair and nails but I stuck to my skin as my hair is VERY greasy and I never use any form of oil in my hair as it makes it worse. My first impressions of this wasn’t the best, I hate the smell I won’t lie, I’m not a huge fan of rosehip but I couldn’t let this put me off the product. The oil has Vitamin E which I love, this always helps the redness in my skin and can also make my skin look more awake and fresh so I was really happy when I saw this was in the ingredients.

Eden's Semilla Jojoba Oil

I find it does take a long time to sink into my skin, I look very greasy for around thirty minutes but once set my skin feels really hydrated. I didn’t see any real change in my skin during the first few times I used this, but at around the week mark I did notice my skin looked less red, I suffer with redness in my cheeks a lot and sometimes have to use a lot of concealer to cover this, since using the Jojoba oil I have seen a real decrease in redness in my face. It also helps the fine lines under my eyes, when I apply concealer I find it can be prominent around my under eye area, although this doesn’t take the lines away completely it has improved them and I can see a difference even in photos. Considering I don’t use oil on my skin this has put some confidence in me that there are oils that won’t break me out, aside from the amount of time it takes to set into my skin I love this oil! 

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This product was sent for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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