29 August 2016

A Very Drunken LivHelps Event

I may be writing this post tipsy. shh! Today I went to LivHelps, Sammy (Little Fickle) organised the whole thing and once again she just blew us all away with her amazing event organising skills! It was held in the Dough Bar (best bar ever FYI two cocktails for £5!) which was such a great venue, very spacious and the bar men were amazing! I even got talking about Stranger Things to one of them, we got so excited! The money raised from the raffle went to Worst Kept Secret, Mark McQueen and mtv's Staying Alive Foundation and I was lucky enough to win a lovely Daisy Dixon watch which I'm hoping to get into a fashion post soon! Everyone who attended the event were just lovely!! The minute I got there I had cocktails and it's safe to say a big chunk of the day I don't remember, sambuca shots were flowing at one point and it was just fabulous! 
This barman wanted to go viral w/ this photo! He was amazing! 

Despite how drunk I got it was lovely to meet so many new bloggers! The goodie bags were also amazing with Makeup Geek, Diva Cup, Pop Socket, Bramley, Peridot, Love With Food and so many more! They were jam packed with amazing goodies I don't think my draws can take many more products! I don't half love an event where I can just turn up, have a good old drink and chat to people. I didn’t get as many photos as I normally would because I genuinely had so much fun, from sex talks to blogging tips and tricks the company was amazing! It was a very chilled yet fun four hours which carried on with a couple of us attended the Carex Love Hearts event in Liverpool which you can read about here! Sam never fails to amaze me with her amazing events, I always make sure I can attend because they’re ones not to be missed!

Thank you so much to Sam for inviting me and Dough Bar for having us very loud and hyper bloggers! The bar men actually said we are the best company they have had in their because we were all so lovely, CUTE! 


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