01 August 2016

A Severely Hungover Post

Last weekend I popped a visit to Liverpool pride! I missed the parade and any events throughout the day as I was in work till 10:15 BUT I managed to make it out by 11 and was drunk within half an hour. I don't think it's any secret I love drinking, if anything it could be my favourite hobby, it may not be good for my liver but do I care? Not really. With a face full of glitter I was texting a blogging chum who I'd never met who was in Liverpool! I started speaking to Jess over a year ago but she lives in Liverpool unlike JIV who lives ten minutes away from me I can't just go see Jess and have a drink so I took the opportunity to see her while she was here! I don't remember a lot of the night, I fell at Moorfields station and sprained my foot the minute I got to town, drank more so I didn't feel the pain and ended up nearly slut dropping all over a club on some random guys snapchat, who by the way Jess saved me from so thank you! Bought a subway I only remember looking at for one second because I ate it so quick and sat in a taxi home talking about sending nudes while the driver looked really uncomfortable (take that last part how you want, Jess brought the conversation up!)

Now I'm sat in bed severely hungover, my snapchat is just me screaming most of the night (god help that guys snapchat when he looks at it today!) and I just got thinking how weird it is that last night I met someone who I would have never met if I didn't have my blog! Over the last two years I have met blogging friends and they have all been absolute babes, every single one of them and I LOVE when I can actually meet the people I speak to online in person. I wish I could meet more blogging friends, I follow so many amazing people and I want to meet so many of them! I guess it’s just crazy how the online world brings people together, be that through a blog or any form of social media. I'm going to go back to dying in bed now and buy glitter eyeshadow! 


  1. I love the glitter! Such a sweet post x


  2. 10 ish years ago if I'd told my mum I was meeting someone I had met online she would have us a fit and lectured me about stranger danger. Nowadays it's just so normal isn't it? Totally agree that blogging is fab for bringing people together. I love it! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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