30 August 2016

A New Australian Brand I'm Loving!

Sugar Baby Coconut and coffee body scrub Coconut hair mask
Up until recently I had never tried a body scrub. In fact I had always had a coffee body scrub on my wish list so when Sugar Baby were kind enough to send me some goodies I was over the moon when I saw a Coconut and Coffee Body Scrub! Sugar Baby recently launched in Superdrug, being an Australian brand you can't get them shipped to the UK so Superdrug are my current favourite! I had never heard of the brand but their bright summer packaging instantly caught my eye! They are swoon worthy and so Instagramible (did I just make up a word?!) They sell bath and body, tanning and makeup products and every piece of packaging is just as pretty!
Sugar Baby Coconut and coffee body scrub
The Coconut and Coffee Stimulating Body Scrub £10 smells as you would imagine, delicious! I can't particularly smell the coconut in it which I was pretty happy about as it isn't my favourite smell in the world and the coffee definitely overpowers this product. In the 200g bag you get A LOT of this scrub, I gather small chunks in wet hands and gently apply all over my body. I usually need around 3 small handfuls to cover my entire body which is really good, it definitely goes a long way. The coffee in the scrub should help stimulate blood flow and circulation while reducing the look of stretch marks and cellulite. While I will admit I haven't seen a huge decrease in the look of my cellulite or stretch marks this product does leave my skin feeling SUPER soft. I find it so relaxing to get a bath and smother myself in this, everything from the smell to the finish of my skin has made this a new firm favourite. Although I feel like I'm covered in sand, not my favourite feeling! The thing with this product is you can simply lather your skin and wash straight away or let the scrub sink into your skin a little to elongate the coffee smell, either way has gave my skin great end results! 
Sugar Baby Coconut and coffee body scrub Coconut hair mask
Sugar Baby Coconut and coffee body scrub
To go with my body scrub I received the Coconut Hair Mask £10. This mask does wonders for my hair, this quick five minute mask helps keep my hair silky soft and I can never stop touching my hair when I have used this. It contains Coconut Water, Natural Oils, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera so no wonder it is so good for my hair! I find Shea Butter always gives both my skin and hair amazing end results!  To use I wash my hair and let it dry off for around 5-10 minutes then apply and leave for 15 minutes. Sugar Baby recommend a short five minute treatment or ten minutes for a more intense treatment but as I have such thick hair I stick to fifteen. As much as I love this mask i found I got only three hair masks out of it, my hair is that thick it didn't last long but I find this is the case with any hair mask I ever use! I think I need industrial large tubs of hair mask for my hair! 

I think I've found a new favourite brand and thanks to Superdrug I can actually buy them locally! Thank you to Sugar Baby for sending such lovely products I think I will shed a tear when I run out of the body scrub! 

Products in this post are PR samples, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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