18 July 2016

Witch Primer & Spot Control Review

Witch Primer and Spot Control
Witch Primer and Spot Control

Something I have always struggled with is spots, once I started applying makeup they got increasingly worse because we all know after a night out with a full face of makeup it does some damage to your skin. Witch have now produced a primer that also helps clear spots, the daily primer and clearing serum is lightweight and I barely feel like I have applied this once I apply my foundation. The primer is also oil free so if you suffer with combination skin like I do this should be a hit! 

Witch Primer and Spot Control Swatch on hand

I have used this for a while and can say this is one of my favourite primers, I sometimes find my foundation can separate without a good primer and becomes patchy throughout the day but this really helps create an even base for the day. Although this is small (30ml) and priced a £6.99 this lasts forever, I use this daily and there is no sign of this running out any time soon. It also helps decrease excess oil throughout the day, I used to suffer with my forehead getting that oily my makeup literally wears away, Witch have made a primer that legitimately stops this from happening. Throughout the day I do have to maybe top up a bit of powder but it's never excessive or noticeable. 

I was weary of the primer itself to begin with, it is a slightly thick consistency but blends well into the skin and shows no signs you have even applied a primer. In the past I have had primers that leave a slight white tint to my skin or are even too thick to blend well over the skin. I can see myself purchasing this over and over again, for the price and quality of this you can’t complain! Witch have made the dream product!


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