25 July 2016

The Body Shop Vitamin C Cleasing Polish

The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Wash
The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Wash

When The Body Shop brought out their Vitamin C range I was intrigued, I'd never tried any face wash, moisturizer or cleanser focused around Vitamin C. The first thing anyone thinks of is an Orange when they think of Vitamin C and this certainly screams Orange from the colour to the smell. This has a rich smell of oranges, with small Jojoba micro beads to help polish the skin the combination is swoon worthy. This also contains natural camu camu berry which according to The Body Shop has 20x more vitamin C than an orange so I’d expect great results from this polish! At £13.50 it is a reasonable price compared to the likes of Liz Earle and in combination with The Body Shop Vitamin C Boosting Moisturizer I can honestly say as a pair they match up to the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.  

The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Wash

I use this cleansing polish while in the bath but first I use my Witch face wash for my spots, then use the Vitamin C polish to clean my pores and exfoliate my skin as this can help boost life into my skin and reduces redness. I find this puts life into my skin, taking away dark spots giving the illusion I'm less tired (because let’s face it I'm always tired!). After I use the moisturizer and combined they make my skin look so full of life. The main reason I go back to these time and time again is because they take away my redness around my cheeks, I suffer badly with redness and don't find many products reduce the redness like these do. 

This leaves my skin feeling soft and radiant, I can really see how it removes dead skin cells. For anyone with gentle or sensitive skin I would not recommend using every day, I don’t have sensitive skin yet find this can sting from time to time if I over use, I would recommend using three times a week. If you want to buy the Vitamin C Cleansing Polish you can here!


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  1. I have this cleansing polish in my range and love it. It smells great and leaves my skin feeling great.



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