19 July 2016

Summer Scents With Victoria's Secret!

Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation Total Attraction Body Spray
If there is one thing I like it's a summer scent, I am obsessed with floral or sweet scents and for me they just make summer outfits or days out. As strange as that may sound it's like Christmas scents, if you use one in April you will feel a Christmas feeling in April. Victoria's Secret hit the nail on the head with floral and sweet scents, my two favourites being Total Attraction and Mango Temptation. I can't find any UK prices online but from the VS website these retail at $18 or two for $10.

Total Attraction has a mix of cherry orchid and lily blossom making it a super floral scent while Mango Temptation is of course mango nectar and hibiscus. This is a much stronger scent compared to Total Attraction and I find I can't use as much but the only downfall for both scents is that they don't last very long at all. I usually have to top up more than twice in one day if I want to keep on top of it, they're that nice though I can't not have them in my collection! VS have redesigned the bottle for these, they used to be the plastic bottle in the photo above but when I looked on the website they have designed it more round and very little detail. I actually hate the new design I don’t think it looks as nice but I guess it’s the scent that counts! Victoria’s Secret is set to open in Liverpool very soon (or it may be open now since I wrote this post) and I think I will be running to Liverpool One to pay a visit. I think we all know I may come out £20 less with more scents from the range as there are so many I need!


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  1. I've heard so many good things about Victoria secret perfume! I don't love the packaging but I bet they smell incredible! X
    Jenny / www.borntoblend.co.uk


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