17 July 2016

How I Make My Period Good!

Richard Ward Keratin Rehab Really Serious Nail Polish Flower Crown Fab Little Bag Minstrels DHC Mineral Mask
I think at one point or another in a woman's life, periods are hard! Whether that is because of pain, discomfort or the fact her period has been an inconvenience that month, no one loves having their period. I think after years of periods even after fainting from the pain, I have now mastered how to make your period just that little bit better and it doesn't include taking tablets or giving you examples of great tampons!
Richard Ward Keratin Rehab Hair Mask

Chocolate is always a huge craving for me while on my period, Minstrels at the moment are basically my best friend! My favorite thing to do while on my period is get a bath, lately I have been using my DHC Mineral Facemask. This clay mask cleans your pores and promotes natural cell turnover so your skin feels smooth. This retails at $39 on the DHC website, although it is pricey it really does do what it says on the tin.

A good pamper for me always includes a hair mask and this conditioning treatment from Richard Ward is a dream! I received the Keratin Rehab in last month's Beauty Blogger Box and have loved it since, a full review will be on the blog very soon but for now I will say this leaves my hair feeling super soft. The only downfall for me is the pot is so small I don't think I will get many uses out of this.
Pretty Serious Nail Polish

My new favorite nail polish is from Pretty Serious, this beautiful purple shimmer shade has not left my nails in weeks. It doesn't last long but my god it looks pretty and dries really quick which I was happy with as no one likes to sit around waiting for nails to dry.

Fab Little Bag
Fab Little Bag
Fab Little Bag

Last are Fab Little Bags, I received this in this month's Beauty Blogger Box and I must say these are a genius idea! Some people don't like the idea of flushing tampons in case they block any pipes, maybe popping them in a bin wrapped in toilet role might just make you anxious, I can't do this because I'm scared the tissue will come off the tampon exposing it all! Fab Little Bag offer a bathroom pack for at home which contains ten bags or a more sturdy case with five bags inside which you can then refill for future! 


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