13 July 2016

Foreo Luna Play Review

Foreo Luna Play
Foreo Luna Play

I recently won a Foreo LUNA Play from The Sunday Girl and let me tell you, this is the most cute cleansing brush ever! I don't quite think these photos do this tiny cleansing brush any justice but it is legitimately smaller than my palm, this gives you up to 100 cleanses and does not recharge which is a shame but I think if you don't want to commit to the large £149 Foreo Luna this £29 is the perfect option. The silicone bristles on this are super soft and I have found they don't hurt my skin at all, this should be used twice daily for one minute at a time but I personally think it depends on your skin type. I use this daily and that is enough for my combination skin. 

Foreo Luna Play

The smaller bristles should cleanse sensitive or normal skin areas such as cheeks and forehead while the thick bristles should be aimed more towards the T-Zone. I can't say this helped clear my skin of spots like other cleansing brushes in the past have but it definitely makes my skin feel fresh and clean, if I use this of a morning it really wakes me up. There is a small on/off button on the back but the actual cleansing brush is waterproof so I always use this in the shower or bath, unfortunately after a couple of uses this did break, I'm not sure why but I have contacted Foreo. I do think this would be absolutely perfect for a holiday or night away as it is so small and compact so it won't take up any space in your bag. 

Have you tried any Foreo products?


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