08 July 2016

Drinking, Crying and Last Week of Uni!

University flat party
Okay, so the title is a little ambiguous because if I pass my six week course I'm back in September but right now this is officially my last week of fastrack! If you didn't read my first two posts on my uni experience you can do here and here! It's safe to say it hasn't been an easy ride and in these six weeks A LOT has happened, I will be popping a stress post up on the blog soon but let me just update you all.

I started off with the intention to blog every week while here, not only uni posts but product posts and it's safe to say that went down the drain didn't it! I have been that busy with work it has been impossible, I have had one year's worth of work given to me in six weeks, had personal problems and it all just got a little difficult. Let's just say it resulted in me sobbing to a tutor and her sending me home to sleep! If I'm being honest though I have had the time of my life these last five weeks and I will legitimately sob on Friday when we all move out, without some of the friends I have made while I have been here I don't think I would have stayed on this course. They say you meet your best friends in uni and these girls are unbelievable. 

If you have me on snapchat (oliviacherylxo) it might just look like I go out every night, let's face it, I do but I do my work and considering I haven't wrote an essay since English GCSE I am doing amazing, 2:2 on my first ever English essay. Call me Jane Austin! The last few weeks have consisted of drinking, dancing, laughing, crying, stress, getting high off pain killers and drinking (this was a complete mistake I didn't mean for it to happen!) and all in all just loving life. 

I will eventually publish a blog post on my favorite moments and all that jazz but let me sob my way home on the train before I start that! Hopefully the post can end with me celebrating the fact I'm in uni in September!! 


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