27 July 2016

A Reminder To Take Time To Relax

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Sometimes life can get a little hard, hard being the understatement in that sentence. The last two months were unbelievable, I started my fastrack course and actually finished the six weeks and as stressful as that course was (I'm still to write a post for this course but not sure if anyone would even find it interesting!) I bloody loved it, I've met some of the most amazing people but in my personal life it's safe to say that was a struggle. I hit points where I thought I couldn't get back up, I had housemates coming into my room to make sure I was okay and they were my absolute rocks but once I got home it got worse. 

My mum went on holiday Friday, the day I moved out, which meant nan had to help me move and not even that went to plan really. A few days home alone after six weeks of being with at least one person practically 24/7 was hard enough but my personal life got worse which meant I had to cope alone. I knew I could go to family but I didn't want too, I was waiting for Charlotte to come back so I could finally see her after nearly a month. I hit a low when she was home and I've never felt the way I did, I felt sick, useless and like I'd never feel happy again. It wasn't until me and Charlotte had two days alone to ourselves I felt better. I took two days away from the internet and just relaxed. I took two days to see someone I loved and really cherish the time I had with her because I knew she was off home again in two days. After two days with Charlotte I feel relieved, relaxed, less stressed and upset. Sometimes just taking time out to relax is important, no matter how hectic your life may be, regardless of how much work you have to do forget it. Forget the stress and upset for a small amount of time because that small amount of time can really help.

Grab a film, a takeaway or sweets, pamper yourself and cuddle with someone you love. Sleep in a big cosy bed with the TV on so you don't get scared, take selfies and snapchat till your heart's content and cherish time. Sometimes we need a bit of time to ourselves and I think I needed to remind some of you.


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