28 July 2016

A Not So Green Bath W/ MOA

MOA Green bath potion

MOA are a brand I have heard about quite a bit this year, they appeared in a Beauty Blogger Box and then at the NW Meet back in April. Admittedly this post is far too late for my liking, when I won this box in the raffle I couldn't wait to try everything inside but this went missing....I found it in the back of my draw half empty recently and have no idea how this happened but hey ho I found it! This peppermint and Fennel Green Bath Potion is far from green which was a let down I won't lie, I was hoping for a green bath but everything else about this product made up for this. 

MOA Green bath potion

The bath potion is used to relieve stress, aches and pains and if you have used any other bath potions like this before I can reassure you this will blow all the others out the window. The packaging says to use 2-3 capfuls in your bath, now I have an average sized bath it isn't too small or too big and I did this 2-3 capfuls and my ass was burning away! I felt cold in the bath the first time I used this because of this weird cold ass thing which made me laugh, maybe use less if you think your skin will be sensitive. The smell of this potion instantly filled my bathroom, it instantly made me feel relaxed the smell just makes me feel at ease. It's that strong you could smell it around my whole house, MOA says it should lift your mood and it really does, after a productive day of blog work I felt tired so decided to jump in a bath and use this, straight away I felt more calm and happy! The potion also has sweet birch to help soften the skin, I didn't see how this could make me feel so relaxed and soften my skin at the same time but my skin felt super silky after being in my hour long bath. This is a pretty pricy product at £27.50 and maybe something I would ask for as a gift but if you ever want a present for someone who likes a pamper this is perfect! 


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