13 June 2016

Week 1 Of University! Am I Liking It?

Hello Everybody! I have been super absent from my blog this last week, if you read a post last week on my first day of uni you will have read it is basically a years worth of a course in six weeks. It's intense and you need to keep on top of your work! In my first week I had three essays, that says it all. So have I liked it? Am I having that amazing student life living off koka noodles meeting new people and getting drunk most night? YES!

Okay let me start with saying last week was the most amazing week ever, I have had an amazing time so far. I haven't been in my flat in the evening once and have made some amazing friends! With two people being dragged home because they couldn't stand up (not me I just got home at 2am drunk and ate quorn steaks and got a shower!) singing Wicked on car journeys at 1am, joining the local swimming pool on campus and dying of heat in my room it's been amazing. Lots of people keep asking why I'm living on campus when I live 35 minutes away and this is why, I have had the most amazing first week and I can only see it getting better.

The work load is a lot, I'm having to take a HUGE break from the blog which is killing me I miss being so interactive with everyone but I'm hoping I will get the odd evening like this to write up at least one post! I have English Literature which will be the most challenging and this week I should start my placement in a school. Scary stuff! I think the hardest thing for me this week was Charlotte being home in Cumbria, she got extremely ill and as I write this I'm not too sure when she will be home, what is wrong with her and if the hospital see any need to do anything serious. I've missed her more than I ever thought I could so I think when she comes back I might have a little cry, even though I live 25 minutes away I do get extremely home sick and having Charlotte makes me feel home a little (WOW Cheeeessyy) Other than the hard parts I honestly can't believe how much fun I am having, I never imagined I would meet such a big group of people who I get on so well with (not naming anyone specific.....Ariannaettes) 

Bring on the next 5 weeks!!


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