16 June 2016

Should We Have Sex At All Ages?

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Hello Everybody! Sex. We all have it. It’s a natural human response to a lot of things and a lot of us shy away from talking about it. I for one said I’d never in a million years talk about sex, sex toys, sex anything on the blog purely because my mum reads my blog but recently in work a discussion for me thinking and it made me realise something. Sex is completely natural and should be talked about more openly (I'm not saying go tell your mum and dad about every sex toy you own and what positions you like) but why shy away?

Myself and a colleague in work got talking and she said she personally thinks anyone over the ages of 50 shouldn't have sex. Once you hit a certain age, get old and form wrinkles sex just shouldn't be a thing that happens but I personally disagree. If you’re 80 years old and still going strong with your legs behind your head, go you! Sex to me is a way of showing someone I love them, sharing passion and having that moment with someone you care for and I like to think when I am 50.60,70 I’ll still be having sex with the person I love. Now I'm not saying sex is the only way to show someone you love them, It’s not but to me in a relationship sex has quite a big [art to play. If my partner didn't want to be intimate and love me in that way, I’d be offended there’s no beating around the bush.

So why because you turn 50 should you still have sex? Love. It’s simple and as humans we simply have needs and like pleasure. Sex is euphoric and releases hormones making up happy, I don’t want to be a miserable 75 year old woman having no sex! Wrinkles or not, your age should never dictate your sex life, But I’d like to know if anyone else agrees or disagrees? Will you still be having sex at 80? Do you think it’s too ‘gross’ because you would both have wrinkles and not be youthful, or could you see and feel the love you have for each other? Let me know because sex is something I don’t talk about often (at all) on the blog so it will be interesting to see how this post goes down with some of you!

Mum if you read this. Unread it and don’t click this post. The same goes for any other family members. Sorry guys. Just keeping it real. 

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  1. I LOVED this post!!! So frank and honest! I totally agree with what you said if you want sex you should! No matter what age, of course it must be legal and consent has been given. But I equally believe if you don't want sex you don't have to have sex, at any age! It works both ways! Fab post Lovely xx

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