06 June 2016

Day 1 - University Life

Pink notepad university life
Hello Everybody! I'm writing this in pure excitement, from a desk with a light above it, lots of folders next to me and a large shelf above full of makeup, more books and perfume. IT'S MY HALLS OF RESIDENCE ROOM! Yes it's official I am in university and that is crazy, let me give you a quick run down. I am doing a Primary Education fast track course which is basically a years worth of an access course in a month and a half, I need to pass this course and my skills tests to be in this university in September! I originally also had to pass my Math GCSE but I passed this recently with a solid C! 

Moving in took a lot longer than expected due to a crash right outside of the university but now I'm all moved in with the help of my mum, Charlotte and Joe and I'm feeling rather comfortable! My uni card photo is of course awful, my food cupboard is jam packed with koka noodles and I have already met one of my house mates who seems lovely, I think I have 4 more to meet but who knows when that will be? I don't think it's set in just yet that I actually live here, at the end of my day tomorrow at 3pm I will be back in MY bedroom I don't have to get on the train and go home....I love it! I'm of course nervous for the next two months, a lot rides on it if I don't pass what I need to I don't come here in September but my god will I try my best. Moving out is a strange feeling I was sad to be leaving my mum but excited for a whole new chapter, I'm scared I will let people down if I don't pass everything but excited for September as I have convinced myself I will pass everything. I'm not sure what to expect for the next month and a half except I will have as much fun as I can and work damn hard to get back here in September!

Day 1 was chaotic and hasn't even really started. Tomorrow I have another campus tour (Yes another, I had one today too!) introduction to everything I will need for the course and my first class. I think tomorrow will be the day everything hits me but for now I think I'm going to curl up into bed and watch some Netflix!

Do you have any tips on how to survive university?


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  1. Awwww good luck!! My first day was so surreal & strange. You'll never experience anything like halls again so enjoy it & remember everyone is nervous- even if they don't seem it!! X


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