10 June 2016

Cadenzza Liverpool

Hello Everybody! About two weeks back I got invited to a lovely event at Cadenzza in Liverpool One. I'm super late with this post which isn't normally like me for events but uni has taken up a lot of time and wow! let's just say that! I'm going to start this post by making a huge apology, my contacts on the day of this event were really acting up, I couldn't see properly meaning I didn't even know if my photos were clear, blury, good? I tried my best that's all that counts. 

I had never popped into Cadenzza before, thinking it was a very high end pricey shop I avoided it like the plague. That awful feeling when the sales assistant crams information down your throat about that £1345 necklace, so you pretend you have to pop the bank to get the money out is not an experience we want to relive. Jewellery shops usually make me feel nervous and as if I am being pressured to buy everything and anything but Cadenzza is such a warm shop, it gives a feeling of calmness and a real welcoming vibe. Every item in the shop is also priced so you don't have to ask that awkward question "How much is this?" and get a very ridiculous answer. I personally prefer this because if I have a budget I can walk into the shop and pick a few items I like knowing they're in my price range and then try them. 

On entry they had the lovely Paul serving us cocktails which of course went down a treat, I was determined not to go overboard though as recently it seems to be a running theme I get drunk at events. Although Paul did manage to make me pick up a few cocktails, but that’s completely his fault! Whilst looking around I found so many amazing designers and brands stocked, I didn't realize Cadenzza sold Swarovski, Nina Ricci, Versace and Ted Baker. I honestly found they had a piece for everyone, especially if you're a cliché marble loving blogger, let's just say I wanted everything I seen marble. Now I know Cadenzza is friendly on my bank account and have some of the most welcoming staff I have come across I will be paying a visit again seen as I will have to start my Christmas list soon right?

Thank you to Cadenzza for the invite, I had the loveliest night!


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