24 May 2016

The Best At Home Diffuser W/ Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas Raindrop Diffuser
Organic Aromas Raindrop Diffuser

Hello Everybody! I can't remember the last time I went to a spa, in fact it may have been over a year ago so I'm long overdue a spa day but for now with not a lot of money and a bit of a crazy schedule, at home massages will have to do. I recently tried out some essential oils at home so when I got the chance to try an essential oil diffuser I got pretty excited (LAME!) I love getting super comfortable with low light, relaxing music and essential oils when I've had a stressful week there's nothing better than a massage and with Charlotte getting pretty good at them recently I now have another reason to get one!

Organic Aromas Raindrop Diffuser

Organic Aromas offer a range of diffusers that are used in spas, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, salons etc so to have one in my own home I couldn't wait to get it set up and going. This values at $95 (£65) which I know is pricy but if you're like me and enjoy relaxing and taking time to yourself it's perfect and worth the money. The diffuser came well packaged in foam casing with a small black velvet bag protecting the diffuser base, whilst having small rubber pads at the bottom to reduce the chances of the diffuser slipping off any surfaces. The base is refined handmade wood which makes it look classic and modern in any setting with a custom blown glass diffuser. It also has a built in mood light which in the dark gives such a relaxing atmosphere! Setting the diffuser up was easier than I expected with instructions inside the box it was ready to go in less than five minutes, and for anyone in the UK don't worry this does come with a plug adaptor. 

Organic Aromas Raindrop Diffuser

This specific diffuser is called the Raindrop and has a usage cycle of two minutes on and one minute off but will automatically shut off after two hours. You can also enhance the amount you diffuse so you're in complete control, the minute I switched this on the smell was unreal. It filled my whole room making it smell of a spa and I instantly felt relaxed. The smell is sweet and calming and actually opens your respiratory tract and is also a strong antiseptic. Don't worry the diffuser comes with a free bottle of their signature essential oil blend if you don't have your own to start. I was surprised how easy this was to set up and use, it is the perfect size for your home and whisper quiet. The diffuser uses no heat, water or plastic so the essential oil isn't diluted or contaminated in any way!  

Do you have any home spa remedies you like to do?


This product was sent for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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