04 May 2016

Teeth Whitening With Mintycoco

Mintycoco teeth whitening
Hello Everybody! I have always wanted movie star teeth, bright white, super straight the type where people actually say "Wow! Your teeth are so white!" but no matter how much I brush the slight tint to them doesn't seem to want to budge. In the past I have tried strips which helped a little but I wouldn't say a lot, I have always thought laser would be the only way to go but when I heard of oil pulling I was quite intrigued. Mintycoco use an oil pulling process which lasts 5-15 minutes, swilling the oil around your mouth to help stains, bacteria and smell. Using a method to extract the oil called Vitalock they ensure all the goodness from the coconut is in the oil so you don't loose any essential nutrients.

Mintycoco teeth whitening

Mintycoco mix the Coconut oil with a Peppermint oil flavouring as coconut can taste quite bitter so this should help the taste and make it an easier process. For £23.99 you receive a 14 day pack and with no alcohol or chemicals this is probably one of the safest and best ways to whiten your teeth. Once you use a sachet you spit into the bin and you're done, no mess or fussing! After using these I'm really impressed! My first initial reaction to trying these was to gag, I hated the texture, flavour, feeling of it in my mouth it just wasn't nice to me. It felt quite lumpy and I didn't want to carry on, I'm not a fan of trying exotic new foods or drinks as I am quite fussy so this was a challenge!

After a couple of days I knew I just had to heat these up in my hands a bit longer before using them, the heat melts the oil a little making it easier to swill around your mouth. I normally keep the oil in my mouth for around 10 minutes as I get bored after this but after the first three days I really seen a difference in my teeth, they seemed a lot whiter and bright and had less of a yellow tint to them I was shocked! My mouth would also always feel a lot cleaner after using these so I felt like I had a super sparkly smile 24/7! Unfortunately I don't have any before and after photos as I am far too disgusted by the before photos and don't want them online so hopefully you can take my honesty in past posts and trust me with Mintycoco!

You can purchase the 14 day pack here!


This item was sent to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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