09 May 2016

Making Blogging Friends

treatwellliv Polaroid photos of girls

Hello Everybody! Admittedly these are the only physical photos I have of me and blogger friends but if you want to see lots more check my Instagram! I got the idea for this post after the NWMeet, I have a friend who I would call one of my best friends through blogging her name is Jiv...Okay Jemma AKA Dorkface she is someone I can go to for anything, we can get drunk and make a fool of ourselves and we have never judged each other on our poor drinking choices (Periscope proven!) so when I found out on Saturday a big group of men on a stag night tried taking her NWMeet bags off her joke or not and she got super upset it made me upset, I even sent her a little message saying I was sad and thinking of her. I'm just this type of person, if you're my friend boy will you know it! Another amazing friend is Jess all the way in London I have never met her in person nor seen her face even over face time but we speak on the phone and text lots, our conversations can be about literally anything from sex, girls, willies, food you name it we have probably spoken about it and on my 21st birthday I got the most beautiful flowers delivered to me from her......we have never even met! 

I guess what I am trying to say is that these girls I met online, I met because of my blog and I bloody well love that! I met another friend recently Codie (2nd photo first on the left) also known as Codiekinz at the Almost Famous event and we just keep bumping in to each other since, she is so so lovely and I can honestly say I could regularly drink with her and Ruth her friend! It's crazy when you think about it, I speak to lots of you, all complete strangers online day in day out yet I have never met you and class some of you as friends, people I have met have turned into best friends all because I set up OliviaCheryl.com. If you want to make friends through blogging my best advice? Say hi! Whether it be in a twitter chat, a quick message or at an event there are plenty of ways to make blog friends and trust me you won't be sorry, you can thank me later!

Who are some of your blogging best friends?


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