23 May 2016

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer

Makeup Forever Ultra HD concealer

Hello Everybody! Recently I have been on the hunt for a new concealer that actually hides my dark circles without having to be 10 shades too dark, I had heard all about Makeup Forever but never managed to get my hands on any until it hit our Debenhams store in Liverpool. Makeup Forever are a high end brand that everyone raves about, from their concealer that covers tattoo's to amazing foundation I knew they wouldn't let me down. Retailing at £20 for a high end concealer I was really happy about the price, I was expecting a lot more so was pleasantly surprised, I chose the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer as I told this doesn't crease (spoiler alert it does!) and it appealed to me more than the other which is supposed to cover tattoos. 

Makeup Forever Ultra HD concealer

I have always struggled with dark under eye circles, nothing I ever try conceals or depuffs them even from being a teenager so was surprised when I found this concealed really well and brightened my under eye area. The concealer feels heavy on the skin but once blended feels very lightweight and gives a very brightening look to my eyes, I usually use about two to three layers depending on lack of sleep as I do find this is buildable and it can be as light or as heavy as you like. Makeup Forever state the formula should reflect light to erase shadows, fills and smooths lines and Hyaluronic Spheres help hydrate skin. Now I'm not saying I'm a scientist here but I will say it does all of the above apart from smoothing any lines purely because it does crease which is a huge letdown for me but I find it rare to find a concealer that doesn't crease. As for wear time I can apply this in the morning and this will not budge until I wash it off in the evening, and I do find with this a little goes a long way so can see me having this tube for quite some time before I need to repurchase! Over all I bloody love this concealer, I think it's the best I have ever tried and I will use this literally for as long as they stock it. 

You can purchase this concealer here! 

Have you tried any Makeup Forever products?


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