12 May 2016

MAC Soft & Gentle Highlighter

MAC highlighter soft and gentle body shop blush brush

Hello Everybody! If you're like me you will know that now it's summer your looking at buying every highlighter you can get your hands on, brands seem to be releasing new ones every week at the moment so thought I would pop into my local MAC and see what they had to offer. I will say I'm not that beauty blogger who owns MAC everything, I mean who is? I have tried their foundation, powder and lipstick that is it so thought it was about time I expanded my collection with their highlighters. I own quite a few marble like highlighters, very white and they don't have a lot of colour so with summer coming up and me never tanning I wanted something that highlighted with a slight bit of colour. 

MAC highlighter soft and gentle body shop blush brush

After swatching nearly every highlighter in the shop I decided to go with 'Soft & Gentle' what MAC describe as a glided peach bronze. This is the perfect description I find the highlighter to be super pigmented with glitter I literally feel like a unicorn when I wear this! It gives a slight bronze glow to my cheek bones and the actual highlighter itself is super soft, think Urban Decay 'Sin' you literally can't fault it. The wear time for this is amazing, I can apply this in the morning and don't necessarily have to top up through the day but as I like my highlighter to still be bright at 8pm I tend to, if I don't you can still see a slight highlight to my cheeks and the glitter doesn't budge so I guess it is personal preference. For a highlighter it's on the pricey side at £24 but I wanted to treat myself I mean your not 21 every day right? You can also get this in 6 other shades if this one isn't quite for you. 

Do you own any of the MAC highlighters? If so what shade?



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