20 May 2016

imPRESS Press-On Nails

imPRESS Nails

imPRESS Nails

Hello Everybody! I recently popped to the NWMeet which you can read about here and as you probably know we got the biggest goody bag ever which included these imPRESS nails. Retailing at around £7.99 imPRESS do various nails and we were lucky to get two packets of their press on manicure nails, I had never heard of this brand so I was really excited to try these as I love my fake nails. I popped these on for an OOTD I was doing the next day and found they were really easy to apply. You get a sheet to prep your nails and also a nail file if you think they're too big for your nails. I did find they need more sizes as most were too big or too small so I had to settle on a few nails. On the reverse of every nail is a small sticky piece of plastic you pull off and I won't lie I thought these would be crap and fall off within 10 minutes but the strength of the glue is unreal, they instantly stuck and were easy to apply but be warned once these are applied you can't move them so you do need to be precise. 

With the lack of sizes in these sets unfortunately I did find they all looks either too small or too big on my nails but I do love the look they give, they were natural and elegant and I could easily file down any if I wanted. The only downside is I would only ever wear these for small periods of time for example a night out or party as I kept getting my hair caught underneath the nails as the glue didn't cover every part of them but I would definitely wear these for events in the future. Thank you to imPRESS for gifting such lovely products in our goody bags.


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