05 May 2016

Buff & Butter Essential Oils

Buff & Butter Essential Oils
Hello Everybody! Something I have never tried is essential oils, I live in LUSH buying every bath bomb, bubble bar, soap etc. but never have I tried oils. Buff & Butter have an endless list of essential oils for different uses from muscle pain, IBS, Anxiety, Improving mood etc. When I got the chance to try five of course I said yes because I need an excuse to have a massage soon and also I have been stressed lately and also in a lot of pain with my back so it was perfect timing. I chose; Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Black Pepper, Chamomile Roman and Fennell and I can't say they all smell delicious. Black Pepper, Lemon and Ylang Ylang are my favorite, they are sweet and spicy and I was really excited to use them. Roman Camomile and Fennel aren't my favorites but Roman Camomile is supposed to help dry, itchy skin and at the moment I am covered in bug bites so this will be perfect and Fennel helps rid the body of toxins which I think I desperately need!

Buff & Butter Essential Oils

So do they actually work? I personally love them although I'm not sure if they helped me personally as in getting rid of toxins in my body as I have been so busy recently I've barely had time to myself to rid my body of toxins! All of the oils really made me feel relaxed and although I normally love my hour long bath sessions these made me not want to get out, the different smells filled my bathroom so it's safe to say the scents are really strong. My favorites are probably Ylang Ylang and Lemon both make me feel really uplifted and calm which is what I hoped from the oils! If your one for massages too these were really calming and didn't irritate my skin, I would use these more than my original baby oil now! If you like to feel relaxed and love a good pamper evening these would definitely be worth giving a try, they add that extra relaxing touch which is something I have needed with uni stress at the moment!

You can check out Buff&Butter here!


These products were sent for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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