26 May 2016

April Beauty Blogger Box

TOTM Tampons Beauty Blogger Box
Hello everybody! I'm back with another Beauty Blogger Box I got this a little late this month as my post man decided it didn't fit through my letterbox (let me reassure you it would have!!) and it took me over a week to collect from my local depot because I sprained my ankle - the tribes and tribulations of being me! This month’s box has actually got to be one of my favourites it's packed full of things I'll 100% use day in day out. The first thing my eyes went to was the Witch Primer I've always loved Witch and actually have a few posts on some of their products here and here so I'm seriously excited to try a new product! Next was the Makeup Geek blush pan in 'Infatuation' I've recently gotten my first Makeup Geek products from the NWMeet so you can imagine my excitement when I seen this, now I definitely need a palette for all of my loose pans. 

Beauty Blogger Box 1001 remedies tropics

A brand I've never heard of 1001 Remedies were inside with their Magic Skin Serum for spots something I'm actually suffering with at the moment so this should be exciting to use for me. Tropics are a brand I know from the NWMeet as I got their cleanser so I was intrigued when I seen their sundrops but with it being a self tan for your face I can't see myself getting a lot out of this as I don't use tan. We had another Merumaya product this month this time their night cream it's nice getting to use various products from the brand but because they're samples they do get lost in my draw so I think I need a small box for all these lovely samples. 

Beauty Blogger Box witch skin care
Beauty Blogger Box makeup geek blush

Lastly is the TOTM (shout out to Hazel Hayes TOTM vlogs) applicator tampons up until May I wouldn't have needed these as I was on the contraceptive implant and didn't have periods but I've come off it now so will be looking forward to using these although they're applicator and I can't use applicator tampons but I'll never say no to giving a new sanitary product a try! This month’s box honestly was made for me, Vix hasn't let me down with any of the boxes so far and every month I'm always excited to receive these but this month she's outdone herself on so many levels! For £10 I honestly think this could be the best beauty box out there! 

Have you tried any of the products in this month’s box?


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