17 April 2016

Products For My Over Dyed Hair

Paul Mitchel Ultimate Colour Repair Shampoo Conditioner Shampoo Two

Hello Everybody! I love hair care, in fact I have dyed my hair that much I have to love hair care because it is damaged from all the heat and dye! I am always one to trial and test new products I find it a lot of fun and sometimes my hair loves me for it I have had products that make my hair feel as if I was in a salon for four hours in the past and having been a fan of Paul Mitchel products in the past when I got the chance to try out some of their line I couldn't say no! They were pretty generous and sent me their Ultimate Colour Repair Shampoo and Conditioner which I couldn't wait to try as I had only just dyed my hair in the last month and it wasn't a bit happy! They also sent me Shampoo Two which helps oily hair and scalp also something I suffer terribly with. 
Paul Mitchel Ultimate Shampoo Two
Paul Mitchel Ultimate Colour Repair Shampoo Conditioner Shampoo Two

The packaging of all the products made me swoon, I love the bright orange to the Ultimate Colour set whilst still looking sleek and modern I think they look very professional in my bathroom and Shampoo Two being plain white is exactly the same, you probably all know by now packaging can win me over any product! I will start with Shampoo Two as this was my least favorite for results, the smell of this is very strong lemon which I love, it does leave my hair smelling super clean and fresh and you only need a small amount to cover your whole head (this is coming from someone who's hair is so thick I usually have two hairdressers at a time!) so your money is well spent the product will last you a long time, but I can't say it helped my oily hair a lot, I noticed I could go maybe one extra day without having to use my dry shampoo which in the long run does save me one extra day but I don't think I would buy it purely for my oily hair. 

The Ultimate Colour Repair Shampoo and Conditioner on the other hand I love! My hair doesn't go oily quickly with this duo and I can always feel a great deal of difference in the softness of my hair after using these. It also looks a lot healthier and full of life which my hair can lack a lot, you can feel a salon effect to your hair when using these products which is something I would expect from more of a high end brand. Over all I am impressed with my Paul Mitchel products although I wouldn't personally buy Shampoo Two I do love my other products and think they are completely worth the money! 

Are you a fan of Paul Mitchel products? 


These products were sent to me for review, all views and opinons are my own!

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