27 April 2016

My First MAC Lipsticks

Hello Everybody! I recently bought my first ever MAC Lipsticks, I know, can you believe it nearly 2 years with a blog and I didn't own a MAC lipstick? It was a crime, so when I had seen a blogger selling these for a discounted price I whipped them up. I chose Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy and I'm officially obsessed, I had heard everyone raving on about both for over a year so when these came through my post box I was so excited. I know you have all probably heard this time and time again but I found the formula of Velvet Teddy amazing it's super soft and easy to apply; I usually cover my bottom lip, rub my lips together and my top lip is done I just need to tidy the edges with the lipstick. It lasts hours even when I eat I can still see a slight tint but I do need to top up.

I found Ruby Woo a little different, although the lipstick is still amazing for wear only having to slightly top up after eating, I found the formula a lot more drying and difficult to apply. I really have to pull at my lips to apply this and have found I am living with lip balm in my bag now, I'm not sure if this is because it was used before me but I can't say it's my favorite out of the two. I have definitely gotten a lot more wear out of Velvet Teddy but I do think this is due to the fact it is a lot more wearable for work!

For my first MAC Lipsticks I am really happy, although Ruby Woo isn't what I expected, I still love it and you can't fault the wear time of these lipsticks. I can definitely see myself purchasing a lot more MAC Lipsticks in the future!

What's your favorite MAC Lipstick?


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