23 April 2016

My Festival Skin Care

Welda Skin Food Flower Crown Sun Cream L'oreal paris age perfect cleansing wipes
Hello Everybody! With Summer coming up I am getting excited for all the festivals although I'm not going to one this year.....SOB!.....I will be watching the snapchat stories, Youtube videos, live feeds on TV etc. It got me thinking how I could maybe help a few festival virgins out if you're not sure what to take, what to do or what not. So below is what I usually take with me to a festival for my skin!

I always always use sun cream, one thing I learned when my mum got skin cancer was how important this was. It might seem crazy to use at a festival but I did get burned at the Isle of White so now I top up every hour regardless of where I am.. Even if your not fair skinned or don't burn you still need to use sun cream, your skin can still get damaged even if you don't see it!

Welda Skin Food

My skin can gets REALLY dry when I go to a festival, lack of showers and sanitation hates my skin so this is where Weleda Skin Food comes in. For dry skin anywhere on the body with extracts of viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile it's seriously soft on the skin and does just the trick! The bottle is a great size for travelling so just pop it in your rucksack and use it every morning or night! 

Last is SO bad but it's just baby wipes. I'm being realistic here, at a festival noone has time to cleanse, tone and moisturize unless your glamping. Baby wipes get any dirt off my skin quickly and easily in and out the tent so throw a small set in your bag whilst walking around! 

Products in this post were sent for review, all views and opinions are my own!

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