07 April 2016

Merumaya Eye Makeup Remover

Merumaya Eye makeup remover KIKO eye shadow makeup revolution eye shadow brushes
Hello Everybody! In last month's Beauty Blogger Box we received the Merumaya Eye Makeup Remover and I didn't think much of it. I have never used liquid makeup removers before as they become quite irritable around the face and eye area, I tend to stick to wipes and cleansers etc, however I thought I would give Merumaya a shot! I have never heard of Merumaya before getting the box so was excited to try a new brand as I love branching out and trying new things, this retails at £14.50 so to get it in a £10 blogger box is unreal! I use a small cotton pad and cover the pad in this water like liquid and lightly brush along my eye, I actually used this whilst wearing waterproof mascara to really test how good it was and was thoroughly surprised!

My eyeliner, eye shadow and waterproof mascara came off within a few swipes without leaving my eyes feeling sore and puffy - I was amazed! To only use two cotton pads for my eye makeup is rare, Merumaya actually use the 6 P's - Prevent & Perfect skin ageing, Performance, Pleasure, Practicality, Price and Patriotism. I can honestly say from using this one product Merumaya achieves these, although it can be on the more pricey side, it is worth the money and a total investment for your eyes!  

Have you ever tried Merumaya products?


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