05 April 2016

Lotusy Aloe Face Masks

Lotusy Aloe Face Mask Beauty Quote Black Knickers
Hello Everybody! Recently I have just wanted to sit in and pamper, relax, have a LUSH bath and feel nice, so I thought my new Lotusy Aloe Essence Facial Mask Sheet would be perfect! Ugo Johnson were kind enough to send me their Lotusy Aloe Essence Facial Mask Sheet to try and I couldn’t wait when it came in the post! The sheets are supposed to boost moisture, smoothen the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and other pigments. The Sodium Hyaluronate, salt and hyaluronic acid should also help dry skin so overall they sound like miracle masks.

You're supposed to leave the mask on for 20 minutes so plenty of time to get a quick dry nail paint and feel pampered! I actually popped this on when I was in the bath, with it being a sheet mask I thought it would slip off in the bath and be a bit of a pain but it actually stayed in place the whole 20 minutes, the moisture in the mask was unreal and I could really feel it sinking into my skin. It smells fresh and woke me up a little which was a nice change to the more sweet smelling masks I usually use. Once sully soaking into my skin, I took the mask off and left the excess to sink in - my skin looked a lot less red, less tired and I could feel some difference! The mask is more of a pamper for me than a full rejuvenation I think the main reason I would use this mask again is purely for the look it gave, anything that helps me look more revitalised is a winner for me!

Have you tried any Lotusy masks before?


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