20 April 2016

Let's Talk Intimate Shaving

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Hello Everybody! I have another product coming to you from the Blogger Beauty Box but this one is getting a little intimate. Something I have always hated doing as a woman is shaving, I hate it, despise it in fact but (and I'm going to get TMI here) I hate being hairy. I don't like body hair - FACT. It grosses me out, I don't like it on me, I don't like it on my partner, I don't like it on anyone, if I liked body hair I would get with a monkey so shaving is unfortunately a must for me. The tribes and tribulations of shaving are this you sometimes have to get in really weird positions to shave, you can cut yourself, in grown hairs, god help you miss a small patch and buying razors sucks! I know not all women shave and that's cool, I'm completely down for that I mean you do you but like I said I need to so when I seen the SASS Perfect Skin Concentrate I was pretty excited to say the least. This can be used on your Bikini Line to reduce ingrown hairs, hair growth and sooth and hydrate your skin so you have a clean, freshly shaven downstairs region and with ingrown hairs effecting around 60% of women this product was sure to make me intrigued. 

To use you should dry the area you have shaven and gently massage into the skin, at first it can feel like quite a strange thing to be doing and the texture of the gel does feel weird but it sinks into the skin super quick and doesn't leave any sort of smell or sticky residue. I shave at least once maybe twice a week and suffer terribly with in grown hairs, I even had shaving rash last month and felt embarrassed and it set off my tryphobia A LOT! Since using the SASS Skin Concentrate I literally have had zero problems. No ingrown hairs, the hairs grow back a lot less quick and you know that irritating itch we all get after we shave and it starts growing back, you guessed it it has helped that, it is nowhere near as irritating! For 100ml of this it is £12 and I would highly recommend for any women who shave and have the same problems as me, it has honestly been a life saver and a new favorite product I use weekly!

Have you ever heard of SASS before?


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  1. I will Deffo be looking into this. I have horrifically sensitive skin so I'm grateful for the tip

  2. I will Deffo be looking into this. I have horrifically sensitive skin so I'm grateful for the tip


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